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Drakary map

The story

Orchards blossom and the chirping of birds can be heard. The kingdom of Drakary, the land of milk and honey. Drakarians are wise, sharp minded people but nonetheless they are a double edged sword in battle.

Striking down any foe that dare challenge them with razor sharp precision. Fear is afflicted on those who lay eyes upon the Drakarian war banners emblazoned with the Noble Vamastra Dragon.

Utilizing their vast hidden ancestral knowledge and many skills, they are prosperous and successful in all they set their mind to.

Taria map

The story

The striking of hammers ring throughout the fiery kingdom of Taria. A thick smog from the great forges cloud the land.

Bound by oath and blood. The fearsome knights of Taria are an unrivaled force of reckoning. Led by the Onyx King, Tarian knights are ruthless and unrelenting warriors.

Bathing in the blood of their enemies and basking in their undying zeal for warfare.

Xretha map

The story

As the light of the golden sun pierces through the darkness at dawn and the lions roar echoes through the halls of Xaetha.

The mighty warriors of Xaetha rise to the call to arms. Standing for all that is true and just. The greatest military might in all the land.

Xaethean warriors ride into battle with the ferocity of the majestic Xaethean Lion and the might of a thousand suns. Ready to defend their kingdom at all cost.

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