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Defence: 15
Attack: 15
Vitality: 15
Intelligence: 0
Dexterity: 0
The Knight is the perfect war machine. This warrior calls the battlefield his home and the people in his battleline, his family. Due to his upbringing in a band of warriors, the Knight follows a strict code of honor and keeps a close link with his ancestors, drawing power from their spirits and bringing their wrath to the field of battle. Even when there are no wars to fight in, or kings to serve for, the Knight must always hone his skills and his senses, so he travels to all corners of the land in search of adventures and the glory of defeating the most fearsome of foes.
Twirl Gleam
Smoldering Smash
Bursting Slash
Flaming Tornado
Ancestors Revenge
Fury Hook
Divine Beam
A powerful one shot that utilizes all of the knight's might and hits all enemies around him.

Available Skins

Coming soon...